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DISCO’S Doors open at 8 pm

There is a variety of music for all tastes; the music ranges from hip-hop to Latino, from R&B to native Turkish music along with the standard pop and techno.

There are 3 alternative entrance fees

If you do you do not require any beverages then the entrance fee is priceses are daily.. !!

       2- If you only select one of the following: a glass of red or white wine, a raki, a beer, a vodka, a gin, soft drinks and nuts, popcorn, then the entrance fee is priceses are daily.. !!


3-If you can consume limitless quantities of local qualified red or white wine, raki, beer, vodka, gin, soft drinks , hot tea and coffee, nuts, popcorn, then you will have a truly memorable night, priceses are daily.. !!

Prices may change on new years eve and festivals!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any information required....

Our saloon is slightly different in that, apart from the Turkish and foreign guests, also family and family groups are more than welcome.!!





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